Sales enablement

Sales enablement is the name given to a constructive process used to make sure that your salespeople are equipped with the right information at the right time in order to be as efficient as possible. This includes everything from educating customers about your products via conducting sales presentations at any location, informing customers about what they can expect if/when they make a purchase, and recording important information and placing such orders on the spot.
There are many benefits to implementing a sales enablement strategy in your business. It can help to improve your sales process and increase sales productivity, and help to improve communication between sales and marketing, and between sales and customers.
When your sales reps have the right tools and information they need, at any time, they are more productive and can sell more products, more quickly. In addition, sales enablement can help to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and provide a way for this feedback to be captured and then be used in training and future process improvements.

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Sales enablement


To drive best practice and to deliver a high quality product, we aim to always have the latest knowledge about our field, making it possible for us to make decisions on an informed basis, execute tasks in the best way we know how, and to only share information we can vouch for.



We always aim for results; personal results, company results and our clients' results. We believe that achieving results helps us thrive and grow, not just professionally, but also personally, mentally and socially.


We believe that the best results are reached when working together and by doing so in the smartest and most efficient ways possible. By laying out the path for this way of working, we hope to contribute to ones professional and personal growth, making it possible for each person to find fulfilment in achieving goals set out in their life.



By acknowledging that every individual is different and has varying needs and strengths, we've created workflows which make it possible for all employees to plan their day as they wish, to work remotely when they need to etc.


In doing so we wish to contribute to everyone's well-being and self-realization outside of work, making it possible for each person to plan their life as they wish and make sure they are happy and motivated in life.



We are passionate about people and want to give them the best terms for living life and bringing out their full potential, recognizing that everyone has different aspirations as to how that may be achieved. We strive to be good companions, active team players in our community, and to contribute to the well being of the earth and of generations to come.



Decency is our core value and is present in everything we do and towards everyone we surround ourselves with; partners, clients, employees and everyone we meet on our journey.


Every individual is unique and by acknowledging this and meeting everyone on the same level throughout their journey, we wish to make everyone feel accepted and appreciated for what they do and who they are - no matter what.

Sales enablement app

Sales enablement is a critical process within any business, but it can be difficult to keep track of all the different pieces that fit together along the way. This is where a sales enablement app can help. By providing a centralized location for all the materials and tools your team needs, they will have a solid foundation for communicating with leads and making sales.

Such an app can include anything from product information to training manuals to contact lists. It can be customized to fit your specific needs, and it can be updated regularly with the latest information, from anywhere in the world. This will help keep your team organized and up to date on the latest sales techniques with very little downtime, if any.
Apps can be built for both the web and mobile devices.
Making use of both ensures that you cover all areas of the digital marketplace as well as gaining the benefits of each e.g. keeping data safe and secure while being accessible on the go.

Mobile Sales Enablement App - Mobile Sales Enablement

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OmniShare Sales Enablement is all about your sales teams and how to increase their succes in their sales.
The app is designed to centralize your presentations and data, so you can share information across your entire valuechain.

With OmniShare, you improve your workflows and work with targeted communication based on statistics and knowledge.
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