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Present Present your sales and marketing digitally and increase your sales with engaging presentations.
Collect Collect data with forms and sync leads, orderdetails and much more automatically to existing systems.
Analyze Monitor app-usage & communication and prioritize content updates, client followups and work more efficiently.

Increase your sales with engaging, digital presentations

The OmniShare mindset

At OmniShare we focus on high performance teamwork.

A lot of time is spent at our office and we know that each member of our team is unique and perceives the world differently.

We strive to create a workplace, that accommodates individual needs, in order to utilize each and every strength, that our team members can bring to the workplace, while making it fun to go to work.

This way we can make room to play, grow and develop solutions in which, we can take pride.

We allow our inner nerd to grow and come out.

Speaking of the term 'Nerd', this is often associated with something negative. We however, are proud of being nerds and take great pride in it, if someone calls us nerds.

For us, the term 'nerd' means, that you are passionate about something, and we all work with great passion and pride, whether it is programming, sales or marketing.


The Sales Enablement concept according to us


At OmniShare we see Sales enablement as a business function, that is carried out by multiple departments within an an organization.

The Sales Enablement concept is all about your sales teams and how to increase their succes in their sales.

Sales and marketing must work in perfect harmony.
This requires the proper knowledge, tools, processes, and behaviors to maximize every sales opportunity. The main goal is to support and assist the sales team to improve sales productivity and drive revenue.


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Why choose OmniShare

With OmniShare all your sales and marketing material is always available – Even when you are offline. This means that all your material is always at hand, when you are at sales meetings, tradeshows etc.

With OmniShare you are not dependent on a Wi-Fi our cellular connection. When you need to access your sales and marketing material, you do not have to wait for it to load. Your files are available instantly.

  • The ultimate sales and marketing tool
  • Sharing information
  • All material is always available – Even offline
  • No limitations on document size

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