Use Case: SKOV A/S

SKOV has successfully integrated OmniShare into their work processes, resulting in several advantages.

The app is seamlessly connected with SKOV's SharePoint, granting employees offline access to the most current sales and service content.

This has streamlined SKOV's employees' work processes and guarantees their constant access to the latest materials. Management can easily track app usage and send notifications to ensure the app's files are always kept up-to-date.

Additionally, SKOV has customized OmniShare's graphical elements to maintain a consistent visual identity, reinforcing their professional image.

"OmniShare provides us with a stable and standardized sales platform, allowing us to distribute content efficiently across the organization and worldwide. All our employees are always up-to-date with the latest content."

Stig Veis Jørgensen
Marketing Manager

Use Case: Rynkeby

Rynkeby has achieved significant benefits by implementing OmniShare. Among these benefits, it has led to closer collaboration between the sales and marketing teams, improving internal communication and efficiency.

Additionally, OmniShare has provided the sales department with centralized access to necessary sales materials, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Moreover, OmniShare has digitized Rynkeby's sales and marketing materials, reducing the need for printed materials and reinforcing Rynkeby's sustainability efforts.

Finally, it has enabled the analysis of the customer journey from lead to loyal customer, aiding in optimizing the sales process.

"OmniShare provides us with greater transparency between our sales and marketing teams. Communication through the app offers us valuable insights into our customer journey, allowing us to work more intelligently and purposefully in our sales and service efforts."

Rynkeby Foodservice
Anna Katrine Kaas Rasmussen
Product Manager

Use Case: Micro Matic

With OmniShare, Micro Matic has achieved increased sales, improved administration, and enhanced customer service. Users always have access to their materials offline, giving Micro Matic's teams more time to drive sales.

Administrators can monitor user statistics and app usage, providing valuable insights and the ability to send reminders to update the app, which is also straightforward – just a single click in the top right corner of the app.

Furthermore, OmniShare consolidates all materials in one place, strengthening internal collaboration within the organization and enhancing the level of service provided to customers.

"OmniShare ensures that our sales team always has the latest materials at their disposal, but it has also proven to be very beneficial internally within the company. There's just one place to update things, and then everyone has access. A significant time-saver for all parties."

Mads Reiflin Johannessen

Head of Global Marketing and E-commerce

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