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Free setup

Free setup

Monthly price per user

28€ / 25£

35€ / 31£

Number of devices per user

3 devices

3 devices


Design Customize OmniShare with your logo, colors, fonts etc.

Customize OmniShare with your logo, colors, fonts etc.

Design-templates Get started easily with one of our design-templates

Choose from one of our many design-templates and get started in no time

Custom design OmniShare is designed to fit your existing design

In order to go in-line with your existing design-guide, OmniShare can be customized to fit in as needed.

1345€ / 1200€

1345€ / 1200€


User-friendly CMS Manage and distribute your content
Upload and organize Upload and organize your content
Filetypes OmniShare is compatible with the following filetypes

Cloud services OmniShare is compatible with the following cloud services

Web-view Link to online and offline web-content in OmniShare
Distribute content to all mobile devices
Update content in real time
Personalized content for each user Target your content individually for each of your users
Mark and send content Mark and send content via e-mail
PDF notes Take notes in your PDF files
Forms Create forms to use in the app
Export contact data Export and share contact data with external systems
Search your content Find the needed content effectively
Full accessibility Online and offline access to content on all mobile devices
Cross-platform compatibility Use OmniShare natively across popular platforms and browsers


Send messages to all users
Send messages to specific users

Platform & security

Shared platform OmniShare is based on a shared platform
Dedicated platform OmniShare is based on a dedicated platform
Content Delivery network (CDN) Fast and stable syncronization across the world with AzureCDN
User administration Add and manage user and user-groups
Differentiate your content Distribute your content to specific users or user-groups
Hosting - Storage

15 GB
Shared cloud hosting

50 GB
Shared cloud hosting

100 GB
Shared cloud hosting

Encrypted content All your content is encrypted and stored securely


Navigation statistics See how users navigate your app

35€ / 30£

User statistics Se how individual users use your app
E-mail statistics Keep track of your e-mails


Integration-service (api & webservice)
Integration with the following systems Economics, C5, Navision, Axapta, SAP, SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint, Perfion, Outlook, Gmail


Supported in-app languages

English, German, French, Danish, Swedish,

Norwegian, Spanish, Finnish, Japanese, Russian

Supported back-end languages

English, Danish and German

(More to come)

We support you in the following languages

English, Danish and German

(More to come)

Support & training

Support Free support via e-mail and phone

1 hour per month

2 hours per month

3 hours per month

Response time Response time on support-tickets

24 hours

8 hours

2 hours

Training Introduction and training

335€ / 300£

Via Skype or telefon


Via Skype or telefon



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