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We're located in Denmark

A beautiful little kingdom in Northern Europe surrounded by sea. Known to be one of the happiest countries on earth due to our social welfare system and our great work environments, but also known for housing some of the most visionary and creative entrepreneurs in the world - whether it’s tech, fashion or farming.

Our small community houses only 5.8 million people, but our reputation is far greater than our numbers. Our famous Danish pastry, alluring forests and spectacular coast lines attract tourists from near and far coming to see what our small country has to offer. But you don’t have to visit us to experience our excellence.

A small part of Denmark and our visionary thinking is to be found in all corners of the world - one of the most famous is undoubtedly the Opera House in Sydney, designed by the Danish architect Jørn Utzon.

From huge and impressive architecture to small, charming fishing boats all along the West Coast and our entire youth being given the opportunity to educate themselves at no expense: all of this constitutes the Danish mentality, our happiness and our wish to contribute to the world. We’re proud to be based in the middle of all this and to contribute to putting Denmark on the world map.

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Everyday we strive to be better than we were yesterday. We work actively with ensuring that everything we do is aligned with our mission statement and our company values, making it possible for us to contribute to our stay here on earth being as pleasant as possible - and for generations to come.