File management

Share and Manage Files


OmniShare provides you with a robust central platform for streamlining file organization and sharing within your organization.

You can easily manage and update your sales materials, ensuring they are always up-to-date.

The customizable menu lets you personalize the experience for your sales team.

By creating custom user groups, you can ensure that the right individuals always have access to the pertinent materials.

All of this is accessible through one user-friendly platform, granting you complete control over your sales materials and simplifying the sharing process with your team.


Gain Insights into Your Team's App Usage


OmniShare provides you with access to valuable user statistics, offering a clear view of how your platform and materials are being used. You can easily evaluate how your team benefits from the app and pinpoint areas for improvement. User statistics can be broken down by files, devices, and user groups, giving you a complete understanding of how your organization benefits from OmniShare.

As an added benefit, you can also send synchronization notifications to employees using outdated materials, prompting them to update the app with a single click.


Secure File Storage and Global Accessibility


We take data protection seriously, using advanced encryption to keep your information secure and shielded from unauthorized access.

With our CDN feature, you can be confident that your sales materials are accessible worldwide.

OmniShare is committed to delivering a dependable and secure solution, ensuring that your materials are both protected and available no matter where you are.


Opret formularskabeloner til sælgerne i felten


Med OmniShare kan administratorer nemt oprette formularer, der passer til sælgernes specifikke behov.

Dette giver sælgerne en struktureret og effektiv måde at indsamle relevante kundedata på i felten.

Disse skræddersyede formularer gør det muligt for sælgerne at arbejde mere effektivt, da de kan indsamle de nødvendige oplysninger hurtigt og præcist.


Mulighed for custom design af appen


OmniShare kommer selvfølgelig med grafiske elementer, men du har også mulighed for at tilpasse platformen til din virksomheds visuelle identitet ved at oprette brugerdefinerede temaer, knapper og ikoner.

Dette giver dig mulighed for at skabe en skræddersyet oplevelse, der passer perfekt til din virksomheds brand, samtidig med at du opretholder en professionel og konsistent visuel identitet.


Email and Phone Support


Our support team is ready to help you via email and phone, addressing any questions or challenges you may face.

We're here to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible and that you maximize the benefits of our platform.

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