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The mission Our mission is to develop a Sales Enablement platform, that gives our users the right tools, knowledge and guidance at the right time. We want to create growth through sales enablement and optimize your sales and marketing work.
Our vision Who Shares Wins – Our motto says it all. We want to make Sales Enablement available for everyone and. Our goal is to increase your sales, ease communication, optimize workflows and save resources for both you and our planet.
Company values We don’t hire employees, we hire people. We respect each other and acknowledge that we all perceive the world differently. By doing so, we work better as a team and contribute with our own experiences and core competences, in order to provide the best solutions.
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The Sales Enablement concept according to us


At OmniShare we see Sales enablement as a business function, that is carried out by multiple departments within an organization.

The Sales Enablement concept is all about your sales teams and how to increase their succes in their sales.

Sales and marketing must work in perfect harmony.

This requires the proper knowledge, tools, processes, and behaviors to maximize every sales opportunity. The main goal is to support and assist the sales team to improve sales productivity and createrevenue.


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The OmniShare mindset

At OmniShare we focus on high performance teamwork.

A lot of our time is spent at the office and we know that each member of our team is unique and looks at the world in a different way.

We strive to create a workspace, that accommodates individual needs, in order to utilize each and every strength, that our team members can bring to the workplace, while of course making it fun to go to work.

This way we can create a room to play, grow and develop solutions in which, we can all take pride.

We encourage our inner nerd to grow and to come out.

Speaking of the term 'Nerd', this is often associated with something negative. We however, are proud of being nerds and we take great pride in it, if someone calls us nerds.

For us, the term 'nerd' means, that you are passionate about something, and we all work with great passion and pride, whether it is programming, sales, marketing or our personal interests.

The brains behind the operations


Image of Torsten Nielsen
Torsten Nielsen CEO / Partner tn@omnishare.net +45 87 25 00 87
Image of Kristian Kristensen
Kristian Kristensen CSO / Partner kk@omnishare.net +45 71 99 33 21
Image of Erik Møller
Erik Møller Developer
Image of Mathias B. Jensen
Mathias B. Jensen Developer
Image of Benjamin Jepsen
Benjamin Jepsen Developer
Image of Simon Eriksen
Simon Eriksen Developer
Image of Patrick Struckmann
Patrick Struckmann Developer
Image of Rune Mechlenborg
Rune Mechlenborg Developer
Image of Louisa Cottam
Louisa Cottam Customer Success
Image of Alexander Nygaard
Alexander Nygaard Support
Image of Per Pedersen
Per Pedersen Online Marketing Specialist
Image of Camilla S. Jensen
Camilla S. Jensen Marketing
Image of Julie Schramm
Julie Schramm Marketing
Image of Tina B. Ambrosius
Tina B. Ambrosius Social / Food / Well-being

More than work

Some play games or go for a run, others cook and share recipes.

The essence is, that we bond with each other beyond work and try new things together.

At OmniShare we go for a walk every day after lunch. This way we get a short break from the desk and implement 30 minutes of exercise in our workday. Further we spend the time together, to share and discuss other things than work.

Throughout the year we plan various activities for us to do together, in order to push each other to try new activities and promote better teamwork. Whether it's canoeing, Segways or sports activities, we like to spend time together and create strong bonds with each other.

With strong bonds and a great team spirit, we believe that your performance at work is stronger thus providing you with the very best tools to promote growth and success.

At OmniShare we don't hire employees, we hire people.

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