Content Management

Share and manage content with your team from a central platform


With a central platform to organize and store content, sales reps can easily access the materials they need to succeed.


With the ability to organize and store content centrally, your team can keep sales materials up-to-date and easily accessible.


The file browser feature makes it easy to find and share files, while the custom menu enables teams to create a personalized experience. With the ability to create custom user groups, content can be easily shared with the right people.


Additionally, forms can be added to the app, allowing sales teams to collect customer data and manage it from a single platform.


Let marketing know what does and does not work


Statistics can be a powerful tool for sales teams, providing insights into how sales reps are using the app and its content.


By tracking usage data, sales managers can evaluate the effectiveness of their sales strategies and identify areas for improvement.


With the ability to segment data by files, devices, and user groups, sales managers can gain a comprehensive understanding of how their team is using the app and the content.


Statistics can also track user engagement, including how often sales reps access certain files and when they are most active. By analyzing this data, sales managers can optimize their content and workflows to improve sales performance.


Overall, statistics provide sales teams with valuable insights to help them work more efficiently and effectively, leading to increased sales and better customer relationships.


Align your platform with your company branding


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storage and safety

Store all your content safely on the platform
[Pro feature]


Storage and safety are critical components of any content management platform.


With our platform, you can store all of your content safely in one place, with 25GB of storage available.


Our AzureCDN feature makes your content available worldwide, ensuring that your sales reps can access the materials they need, no matter where they are.


Additionally, we take security seriously and encrypt all content on every device, ensuring that your information is safe from unauthorized access.


With our platform, you can be confident that your content is stored securely and that your sales reps can access it easily and safely from anywhere in the world.


Collect and manage customer data digitally, allowing sales reps to work smarter


Forms are a powerful tool for sales teams, allowing them to collect and manage customer data digitally and work smarter.


Our customizable forms make it easy for sales reps to gather the information they need from customers, while the ability to export data to CSV, XML, and JSON formats ensures that they can easily manage and analyze the data they collect.


With the option for custom API integration, our forms can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.


Additionally, our platform can integrate with your existing systems, including CRM, ERP, and other tools, ensuring that your sales team can work more efficiently and effectively.


With our forms feature, you can streamline your sales process and gain valuable insights into your customers.


Always have direct access to help when you need it


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