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OmniShare with user-differentiated access

TP Linddana has developed, produced and sold TP Wood Chippers since 1980 and is one of the world leaders in the field. The company is based in Denmark and delivers a large selection of functional and reliable wood chippers for both landscaping and biomass production.

Linddana employs export their products to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Purpose TP Linddana wished to present sales material and product specifications digitally 'on-location'. Furhter, they wanted to be able to access their website on the go.
Solution TP Linddan now have a digital sales app, with multiple languages and segmented content across users and markets.
Pay-off OmniShare centralizes content and present TP Linddanas' products digitally. The app streamlines the salesflow and is available offline.

About the solution

iOS & Android
Differentiated content
Offline access

OmniShare for iOS & Android 

TP Linddanas OmniShare app is based on our standardized platform, ensuring employees a user-friendly and professional sales app.

The app is designed to accomodate TP Linddanas' demands in regards to a optimized salesflow.

OmniShare is a unique tool, that allows their employees to work more efficiently and always have access to the needed sales and marketing materials.

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User-differentiated access

Through the OmniShare app, it is possible for TP Linddana to setup and control user-differentiated access to the material uploaded through the back-end. 

With separate folders for different user-groups and countries, it is easy to control what user has access to what material. 

In turn, this eases the day-to-day workflows for different users, as they only have access to sales and marketing material relevant to their daily work and language.

Furthermore, user differentiated access allows admins to send user-specific push messages and obtain listings of the devices that need to update content.


TP Linddana operates on several markets around the world and have a large archive of content in different languages. This demands for an easy way to access and manage country specific content, for all foreign activities. 

Instead of having to search and retrieve material in different places, TP Linddanas' employees can now access various materials in selected languages via the app.

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Offline visning af indhold

With offline access to content within the OmniShare app, TP Linddanas' employees always have the necessary sales and marketing material at hand.

As a regular participant at trade fairs around the world, TP Linddana now have the option to display product information, video presentations etc. digitally from the OmniShare app.

All this without having to depend on a stable connection to the internet. Everything is stored locally and available, even when the device is offline.

TP Linddanas' pay-off with OmniShare

Digital sales app
24/7 access to material
Professional appearance


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