SPX Flow

App for presentations and forms for data collection

SPX Flow operate in many countries and needed somewhere to centralize access and lead data. SPX Flow can now present material digitally and with forms though OmniShare, and even collect and save leads in-app. 

Access is centralized and differentiated across countries and users. Leads are saved digitally and exported. 

SPX Flows' pay-off with OmniShare 

Centralized access
Optimized workflows
Lead collection
Better data

Centralized access   

The app was adjusted to specifically accommodate SPX Flows needs and now SPX Flows enjoys daily optimize workflows thanks to a wide variety of features. 

SPX Flow have a unique and customized tool for data collection, digital presentations and tracking of users' behaviour and content used in-app. 

With OmniShare it is possible for SPX Flow to upload videos, images, sound and PDF files, which can be targeted at their many markets and languages. OmniShare is truly centralized access point. 

SPX Brochures

Optimized workflows

The OmniShare app for SPX Flow has a tracker function, which gives SPX Flow valuable insights into user behaviour and what content are being used etc.  

In order to use this feature, each user has to agree to the "terms of use", which is done through a two-factor agreement in the app. 

With the built-in tracker, it is easy for SPX Flow to keep track of their users, content and content versions, in order to track what users are active and who has to update their app. 

Insights about users and their content, combined with the option to send user-defined messages, allows management of each personal using the app and optimizing there workflow though better data about them. 

Better data 

In-app forms makes it possible to design and use forms on- and offline. SPX Flow uses forms to collect lead data at trade fairs, at sales meetings, for product inquires and much more. 

When a form is submitted, the data is sent to a central database, where the data can be exported as CSV or XML. 

Administrators of the app can create new forms and edit existing forms from the back-end. 

All common field types, such as single- and multiline, dropdown, checkboxes etc. are supported, giving SPX Flows a lot of flexibility in regards to data collection. And in extension better data. 

SPX Front

Lead collection

Through the back-end, SPX Flow can create user-groups and control access to content. This makes it possible to differentiate content across groups, countries and languages. 

Everything can be setup with 'folders' making it easy to administrate. 

This feature ensures, that certain users only have access to relevant content - Making their work easier, as they do not have to search through all SPX Flows documents. 

Through user administration, it is also possible to send messages to certain users or groups and collect data on what leads they are working on. Lead collection. 


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SPX Flow 

SPX Flow produce special-equipment for industry and production. They design, develop, test and produce custom industrial equipment for customers. 

SPX Flow are active in 30 countries and have sales operations in more than 100 countries.