OmniShare app with custom ERP-integration and search functionality

SKOV is a Danish full-line company that develops, tests, purchases and manufactures components for ventilation systems and farm management systems.

Based in Glyngøre, Denmark SKOV employs more than 360 people at their headquater. Additionally, they have a subsidiary in Thailand and a software development department in Malaysia.  

Purpose SKOV A/S was looking for a all-in-one platform where employees can access technical documentation, sales and marketing materials.
Solution With OmniShare SKOV benefits from our many standard features, ensuring a user-friendly and well-tested tool.
Pay-off OmniShare eases the various day-to-day tasks, salesprocess and increases efficiency for service technicians in the field.

About the solution

iOS & Android
ERP integration
Search PDF
Offline accessibility

OmniShare for iOS & Android

Based on our standardized OmniShare app, we have developed a complete sales- and servicetool for both iOS and Android.

With OmniShare sales reps can access relevant sales and marketing materials, when they are in the field selling or taking part in trade fairs around the world.

Further, OmniShare allows service people and technicians to access technical documentation, manuals etc. - Even when the device is offline. 

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Custom ERP integration

The OmniShare app is integrated with SKOV's existing Sharepoint. This allows sales reps and technicians access to the newest sales- and marketing material as well as service documents, spec-sheets and much more.

All this is made available for offline access and with user-differentiated access, which syncs the necessary content to each users device. 

Now it is easier to update all material including marketing material, sales videos, documents etc. centrally and make it available to all personnel.

This optimizes the sales and service work and benefits both SKOV and their customers.

Search PDF files

OmniShare centralizes all SKOVs' technical documentation, sales- and marketing material in one app.

This gives different teams within the organization access to a lot of content, based on their differentiated access. 

With the built in PDF search functionality, it is quick and easy to find the right content and increase efficiency, when working on the go.

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Offline accessibility

With sales and service people working all over the world, and some times in areas with limited or no access to the internet, SKOV greatly benefits from the offline acecssibility built in to the OmniShare app.

Based on the users access, all relevant content is syncronized to the device and is always accessible even without a wifi or cellular connection available.

Users can also store customer updates, orders etc. which is automatically synced when the device is online.

SKOV A/S' payoff with OmniShare

Centralized access
Improved salesprocess
24/7 accessibility
Professional appearance


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