Rynkeby Foodservice

Centralized content management and lead generation.

Rynkeby Foodservice was established in 1934 producing and selling apple juice. A lot has happened since - Today Rynkeby Foodservice is the biggest producer of juice in Denmark.

During the years, the company has expanded the product range and now also supply equipment and vending machines for fruit bars, coolers, table racks etc.

Purpose Rynkeby Foodservice was looking for a clever way to centralize access all documentation, sales and marketing material.
solution OmniShare is used as Rynkebys preferred tool at meetings and trade fairs for presentations and lead generation.
Pay-off Rynkeby Foods now have a digital tool that streamlines workflows and centralizes access to sales and marketing materials.

About the solution

Custom design
Differentiated content
Push messages
Offline accessibility

OmniShare with a custom design

It was very important to Rynkeby Foodservice, that the app is in line with their existing design.

The app is is part of Rynkeby Foodsevice public face, so it had to make a good impression and send the right signals to users and employees.

Therefore, it has been a major focus through the development and design process to customize the OmniShare app to follow Rynkeby Foodservice' own design completely.

Rynkeby Slash Staaende
Rynkeby Sortiment Liggende

Differentiated content

As Rynkeby Foodservice is operating on a lot of markets around the world, the need for country specific content is solved with the OmniShare app.

Content is easyly managed through folders in the back-end and access is easily limited to
specific countries and even single users all around the world.

This means that different usergroups have their own limited access to content, meaning
that they can only access content relevant to their daily work.

Push messages, e-mail & SMS

With OmniShare, it is possible for Rynkeby Foodservice to send push messages, e-mails and even SMS text messages to app-users.

This features works in conjunction with country and user groups and allows Rynkeby Foodservice to easily send relevant messages to users based on their acces within the app.

Users can now be notified of app updates, new materials available and much more.

Rynkeby Rapport Liggende
Rynkeby Sync Liggende

Offline accessibility

With offline access to content within the OmniShare app, Rynkeby Foodservice' employees always have the nessecary sales and marketing material at hand.

As Rynkeby Foodservice often take part in trade fairs, they now have the option to display productinformation, video presentations, and even collect new leads via forms.

All this without having to depend on a stable connection to the internet.Everything is stored locally and leads are automatically synced, when the device is online.

Rynkeby Foodservice' pay-off with OmniShare

Streamlined workflows
Full accessibility
Lead generation
Professional presentations


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