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Centralized access to sales material

Micro Matic is the global market leader in the supply of keg couplers, keg spears and dispensing solutions to the brewing industry. 

Micro Matic have production in 14 countries and around 1000 employees.

Purpose Micro Matic is a global organization with a large range of products. They needed a platform to centralize and manage their sales material.
Solution With OmniShare, Micro Matic can present PDF, video etc. digitally and differentiate content across countries.
Pay-off Managing content is easier, as everything is centralized and differentiated. Users are alway up-to-date with the newsest material.

About the solution

iOS & Windows
User statistic
Differentiated content
Offline accessibility

OmniShare for iOS & Windows

Micro Matic chose OmniShare as their sales enablement platform. The app is available for iOS as well as Windows tablet and desktop.

The app is designed to fit Micro Matics workflows and improve on internal processes, so users daily tasks are streamlined and less time consuming.

With the OmniShare app, Micro Matic now have an app, that can be used to present material digitally and give sellers the ability to collect data in-app.

Presentations, videos, brochures etc. is now centralized in the OmniShare app and differentiated to the nessecary users and user-groups. The app supports everything from video to images, sound and PDF.

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With the 'Big brother' function, administrators can monitor userstatistics and app use. This data gives valuable insights into which files are accessed, by who and for how long.

Data about app and file versions are also collected, giving administrators the opportunity to send reminder to users, who need to update their app or the content.

These reminders can be send as push-messages from the back-end.

Differentiated access

Differentiating access to content is controled through the back-end with usergroups.

Usergroups allows only assigned users to access certain content - E.g. sales, marketing or different regions across the globe.

Everything is easily managed from the back-end with groups and folders. Differentiating the content ensures that only approved users can access certain documents.


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Offline accessibility

Users of the Micro Matic app always have access to their material. Offline accessibility stores files locally on the device, when it is syncronized.

This function ensures that users can always access presentations, pricelists, brand videos etc. when they are out amongst customers.

When the device is online, users can syncronize their app to ensure, that all documents are always up-to-date with the newest versions.

Furhter, users can collect data locally and syncronize, when the device is online.

Micro Matics' pay-off with OmniShare

Centralized access
Optimized workflows
Better data
Digital presentations


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