DST-CHEMICALS develop and produce cleaning and degreasing products for used in the metal industry.

The primary customers are within the automotive industry as well as manufacturers of trains, ships, electric motors, wind turbines, rolling mills and hardeners.


DST-CHEMICALS wanted to reduce the time-consuming registration process around customer visits.


By choosing the OmniShare app solution, DST-CHEMICALS  the company has got a user-friendly and thoroughly tested app.


The solution streamlines the process of data entry, by letting employees enter data on location more efficient.

About the solution


DST-CHEMICALS has got an OmniShare app, which is integrated with the company's existing CRM system Microsoft Dynamics. The purpose of the app is to minimize errors in data collection in regards to customer and order data.

This integration eases the administrative work required from employees.

The solution includes:

OmniShare for iOS

Integration with CRM

'Big brother'-function

Easy user registration

OmniShare for iOS

The OmniShare app is based on our many standard features, which ensure DST-CHEMICAL's employees a user-friendly and thoroughly tested app.

The app is designed to follow the existing design guide.

From the back-end it is easy to create and define user access and send userspecific push messages, e-mails or text messages.

Working in the field is now easier, as offline availability allows users access to material and collection of orders, when they are out doing their business.


Integration with CRM-system

The OmniShare solution is integrated with DST-CHEMICALS 'existing CRM system Microsoft Dynamics in order to streamline the daily registration of data.

Previously, the company's employees used paper forms to register and record feedback when they were on customer or service visits. Practically, the employees manually filled in the papers with the customer, after which they manually entered the data into the CRM system once they were back in the office.

This meant that DST-CHEMICALS employees spent a lot of time reviewing the specific issues and then registering them in the office.

With the integration into the CRM system, the employees release the time-consuming task while the registered data is updated immediately without any oversight.


'Big brother'-function

In the solution there is a function called 'Big brother', which in more detail allows them to monitor whether the users have updated their material in the app. Then you can make sure that the content is always updated after a customer or service visit.

Besides the update, it is also possible to see the remaining disk space as well as the power level available on the individual devices.


Easy user registration

Using the device's unique IMEI number, it is easy to register and assign specific users to a particular device. In this way, it is simple to ensure which employees have access to what.

About the outcome


DST-CHEMICALS has got an all-in-one solution that makes it easy to register data at customer and service visits.

Daily work processes have been streamlined and therefore sales and service can spend more time on sales and service instead of administrative work.

In addition, all content is available online and offline, which DST-CHEMICALS can benefit from. Employees can always access the existing material wherever they are.

This helps the employees a better preparation for a possible customer meeting, or they can look up information from previous meetings during the actual visit. This is not just a practical advantage, but also affects the company's professional appearance.

To summarize, the outcome is related to:

Optimized data collection

Time-saving work process

Content available 24/7

Professional appearance

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