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Hi, this is Kristian from OmniShare here. I would like to tell you a bit about digital presentations through OmniShare.

You can centralize your sales communication with OmniShare and you can increase your sales buy doing this.

You can access all your content though OmniShare, whether this is slideshows, PDF, image, Video. By doing this you can strengthen your communication from marketing out towards sales.

Everything is available even when the user is offline, working throughout the world.

This allows your sellers to prepare properly for meetings, present your brand and products professionally and by this, increasing their sales.

Many of your resources today go into your content, keeping this up to date with OmniShare. Your organization can rest assured that only the newest versions of your content are used at the point of sales.

Presenting your brands and products digitally, reduces the need of printed materials significantly. This saves both your organization and the planet for valuable resources.

If you want to try this for free you can go on to our website, this is at

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OmniShare is designed to facilitate and optimize your sales, by centralizing access to all your sales- and marketing material, within one digital sales tool platform.

Our partners use the sales tool app at exhibitions, at sales meetings and as an internal sales tool. By utilizing all the standard features in the OmniShare mobile salesapps tool, they can stand out among their competitors and increase their sales.

Everything is presented digitally and gives your visitors and customers an interactive experience with your brand. Whether it is video, images, PDF, documents etc.


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