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Download OmniShare and increase your sales.

Our partners centralize sales- and marketing material with OmniShare and use the app at sales meetings, trade fairs and much more.
Sales increase their revenue and marketing work more efficient.

OmniShare gives us more transparency between sales and marketing.

The app reduces our need for printed materials and allows marketing to act faster to changes in sales presentations and other documentation.

Communicating through the app, gives us valuable insights in our customer journey and we can work more intelligently and targeted with our sales and service.

Rynkeby Foodservice Anna Katrine Kaas Rasmussen
Product Manager

Centralizing our sales material and technical documentation makes our daily work more streamlined.

OmniShare provides us with a stable standardized Sales Enablement platform, allowing us to efficiently distribute content across the organization and the globe. All our employees are always up-to-date with the newest content.

The app is used by more than 200 SKOV employees and 800 partners worldwide.

Skov A/S Stig Veis Jørgensen
Marketing Manager

OmniShare gives us more time to focus on the work that generates value for us and for our customers.

After the implementation we spend less time ensuring that all our employees are up-to-date with the newest brochures, sales presentations, catalogues and videos.

OmniShare gives our sales and service organizations more time and the right content to work more efficiently, thus generating more sales and increasing our service level.

MicroMatic A/S Peter Vejlgaard Jørgensen
Global Marketing Director

Get started - FAQ

Is OmniShare really free?
Yes - Our free version is a fully functional Sales Enablement app and you are not limited to a trial or demo app.
If you want access to more advanced features, you can upgrade to our Pro or Enterprise plans later.
You simply create your own account and get access to our Sales Enablement platform.
Is the free version just a trial?
Nope! Our free version is not a trial.
Once you setup your free account and create your app, you have unilited access to your own Sales Enablement app.
Do i have to provide a payment method?
No, you don't have to provide any payment details to use the Free version of OmniShare.
Just create your account, setup your app and start your Sales Enablement journey.
When is my app ready?
Your app is ready to use, as soon as you complete the onboarding process.
Create your account, configure your app and start using OmniShare.
How do i customize my app?
When you've setup your app, you gain access to our helpcenter.
Here you can find all the guides you need to customize your very own Sales Enablement app.


Time savings Reduce time wasted by up to 20%. Eliminate repetitive tasks, that does not generate value.
Centralization Access and administration of your sales, marketing and service materials are centralized.
Save resources Reduce the need for printed materials. Save resources for your company and for the environment.
Better insights Gain insights into your materials and how these are being used by your sales and service organization.

Presentations made easy

OmniShare is designed to facilitate and optimize your sales, by centralizing access to all your sales- and marketing material, within one app.

Our partners use OmniShare at exhibitions, at sales meetings and as an internal tool. By utilizing all the standard features in OmniShare, they can stand out amongt their competitors and increase their sales.

Everything is presented digitally and gives your visitors and customers an interactive experience with your brand. Whether it is video, images, PDF, documents etc.

Collect data with forms

With an active sales organization working remote, OmniShare forms can ease your data collection and synchronize submissions automatically with existing ERP and CRM systems.

Things like business cards, notes and order details, are often stored in local inboxes or on paper. This requires a lot of manual data processing, when your sales staff is back at the office, wasting valuable time and increasing the risk of errors or even data loss.

Forms centralize your data, increase your data quality and allows you to share it across your organization.

Sales, marketing and product development can access data easily and work structured and more efficiently towards increasing sales, and maximizing your ROI.

Increase your sales with engaging, digital presentations


Create your own app

Mail sender

Communicate with your customers and leads through OmniShare, with the build-in mail sender.

Create mail templates and communicate coherent and professionally every time. Attach all your relevant files, without having to worry about file size limits.

The OmniShare mail sender creates a landing page for the recipient, where all your attachments are available.

With the mail sender, sales staff can close their meetings on-site, and send mails/files directly to customers and leads instantly. Even when they are offline.

This means that sales staff, does not have to take notes or remember what to send and to whom

Work intelligent

Base your marketing work, sales follow-ups and much more on data and increase sales. All while saving resources - With OmniShare statistics, guesswork is over.

Analyze what content is mostly used by the sales organization, prioritize new content, optimize and strengthen your communication. The marketing organization saves resources, by working intelligently with the right materials.

Communicate through the OmniShare app and gain insights into the interactions with your e-mails and the attached files. The sales organization can follow up on orders and leads, exactly when the customer interact.

Utilizing the OmniShare statistics, gives you a deeper knowledge of the customer journey and allows you to customize and optimize your resources within sales and marketing.


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